Incense Benefits

Incense Benefits: Top 10 Benefits of Buying Incense

Incense, deriving from the Latin word “to burn”, creates an aromatic atmosphere within a room. However, what actually are the benefits of incense besides its wonderful smell. Incense has been used for thousands of year by those who believed it would repel negative energy, heal sickness, and of course, get rid of bad odours. Despite many ancient practices being something of a myth, studies have proven that incense does in fact have benefits. Here are some of the many benefits that incense provides:

Reduce Anxiety 

Incense has been proven to reduce anxiety when regularly burned. A study on frankincense (an ingredient found within incense) found that responses were made within the part of the brain that is associated with anxiety and depression. The study also concluded it caused a response similar to an antidepressant when tested on mice. 


The previously referenced study also found that frankincense activated receptors associated with the feeling of warmth. Incense can be a great addition to your relaxing evening curled up on the sofa or submerged in a nice hot bath. 

Stimulate Creativity 

Some users have noted that incense has helped them stimulate new ideas and enhance their own creativity. Lighting incense can be a good way to begin creative brainstorming or to help break your writer’s block.

Boost Focus 

Burning incense is a great way to signify a moment of beginning. Whether you are studying, reading, meditating, or simply relaxing, incense creates the ideal atmosphere. The uplifting fragrances that are emitted whilst it is burnt are known to increase focus and concentration. 

Encourage Sleep

Just can’t get a rest? Certain incense scents are known to aid sleep. Light a stick of incense before you get tucked in bed and feel yourself drift off into that deep sleep you ever so need. No more counting sheep.

Air purification

The pleasant smell that incense emits purifies any lingering bad smells that just won’t leave. From damp smells to pungent pets, incense quickly fills the room with wonderful odours that can last for hours. 

Deepen Meditation

Meditation can be practised easier with the increased focus that incense gives you. Your clouded thoughts can be dispersed whilst you tap into your conscious mind. Furthermore, the pleasant aromas of incense are perfect to set the mood for your meditative session.

Boost Sex drive

Certain scents that are created from the burning of incense are widely known to be a natural aphrodisiac (a substance that increases sexual desire). Dim the lights, light the incense and set the romantic mood.

Connect to your Spiritual Side

Incense is widely used within religion across the globe. Some indigenous cultures even believe that the burning of incense symbolises our prayers being sent up to spirit. Incense can aid you to get in touch with the religious or spiritual connection that you wish to create. 


Incense is one of the best natural remedies to raise serotonin in the brain and improve your quality of life. With a boost in serotonin, your headaches, sleeping, and digestion become more stabilised. Moreover, incense is not addictive, unlike other substances that increase serotonin!

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